How To Find An Immigration Lawyer In Miami.

How To Find An Immigration Lawyer In Miami.

There are many reasons as to why one may require the help of an immigration attorney such as entering the United States without undergoing proper inspection, unlawfully entered the States after being denied entry at the port of entry, failure of leaving the states before the visa expired, or even ever involved in deportation, removal or exclusion proceedings. No matter what charges or legal issues you are facing, an immigration attorney can analyze the situation you are in and offer you legal advice on what legal actions you should take.

6 Ways To Find An Immigration Lawyer In Miami.

  1. Search On The Local Directory.

There are many immigration lawyers in Miami and most of them can be found using the local directory. Whether you want an independent immigration attorney or a law firm, all you have to do is use the local directory to specify the type of lawyer you need. Use Google Search or Yelp to find a local immigration attorney.

  1. Check Review Sites To Find Potential Immigration Attorneys.

Besides using the local directory to find an immigration attorney, you can also rely on review sites such as Avvo to find potential lawyers. Once you visit this domain, you will be able to determine whether an immigration lawyer can deliver quality services or not based on the reviews that he or she has. Another review site that you can use to check out lawyers’ reviews is Yelp.

  1. Referrals.

Another convenient way of finding an immigration lawyer is through referrals. Getting referrals from friends and relatives is easier than searching through the local directory. That is because this option is quick and more reliable. Furthermore, you will also have the privilege of gathering more information about the lawyer before you can meet in person.

  1. Use Florida Bar Domain To Vet Potential Immigration Attorneys.

Not all immigration lawyers listed on local directories have the ability to deliver quality services. Therefore, use Florida’s bar website to find top-rated immigration lawyers. This particular website will also provide additional information about each lawyer including whether any kind of disciplinary action has been taken against each legal representative.

  1. Referral Services.

You can also find an immigration attorney through lawyers’ referral services. In Florida, various local bar associations play the role of sponsoring lawyers’ referral services. All potential lawyers are then listed on a local directory or telephone book. To find an immigration attorney through referral services, all you have to do is contact the local bar association and get connected to a legal representative.

  1. Advertisements.

Advertisements can also help you find an immigration lawyer. Today, legal services are advertised in newspapers, on yellow pages, and also on telephone books. Even though these advertisements do not provide a lot of information about the firm or lawyer, they do provide contact details.


Finding an Immigration lawyer in Miami has always been a challenge for most people who require legal services. However, with these options, you can be sure to find an experienced immigration attorney.

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